Auto Parts Suppliers: Domestic Wanna Out and Abroad Wanna In

Jiangxi Jiachuang is a large commercial vehicle suspension R&D supplier in domestic, the main products are automotive leaf spring and air suspension system, agricultural machinery implements (tiller blade), automotive and agricultural fasteners. The company possesses 10 patents for leaf spring, 24 patents for automobile air suspension, and has obtained the ISO/TS16949 certificate.

According to the data showed, the current situation of Chinese auto parts industry is the accelerating development of foreign brands in China market, and local enterprises are eager to go abroad and gain recognition from international market. Compared with previous years, situation is more obvious and urgent now.

On one hand, with the sales of new automobile ranking the world's first for many years, the demand for auto parts in Chinese auto market has been rising continuously. On the other hand, the data shows that expected average annual growth rate of automotive aftermarket will exceed 30% and aftermarket scale of 2018 is expected to break trillion. This is a great opportunity for local enterprises.

In the Chinese market, a battle for market share which is more difficult than that of finished automobile has begun. While overseas parts enterprises have entered China to accelerate the sharing of Chinese market with the local brands, just like China's own brand vehicle companies choosing to expand exports, China's domestic parts suppliers also choose to accelerate the "going out" to avoid positive competition, seeking to enhance sales.

As a large-scale enterprise with a rapid growth of foreign trade exports in recent years, Jiangxi Yuancheng is expected to achieve further success in the aftermarket of the commercial vehicle in the future, based on its leading position in the domestic leaf spring industry. And the efficient production capacity and the excellent quality is the guarantee.

Post time: Aug-06-2020