Green leaf spring is about to wind up


   Recently, a domestic commercial vehicle manufacturers in the new heavy truck using composite material leaf spring news in the industry caused shock. Many experts said that the revolutionary technological application of composite leaf springs will once again open a new era of technological innovation for commercial vehicles. A small composite leaf spring has received such high attention because it has advantages over the traditional leaf spring such as lightweight, load-bearing capacity, green and safety. The first hand is the opportunity, the new blue ocean of composite leaf spring is rising in Jinan.

 ”Green” leaf spring has good load capacity and safety

Composite materials are used in many automotive applications, including grilles, fairing, bumpers, oil pans and other components, but these components are not load-bearing parts. As an important part of automobile suspension, the leaf spring needs to have the function of load carrying capacity and damping capacity. With the advancement of material technology and market norms, domestic trucks have experienced the development process from multi-leaf springs to fewer leaf springs, but the front and rear leaf springs on commercial vehicles are all composite materials and are rare in the market.

  Domestic composite materials academic leader Huang Jiakang introduced, leaf spring and cover different, In the process of operation to absorb vibration energy, the material to have better energy absorption, but also relatively easy to deformation, but not too soft, on the material density and elastic modulus requirements are very high. It is found that the fiber composite material used on the leaf spring has obvious advantages in weight, bearing capacity and service life compared with metal the some time,The composite leaf spring is more economical, reduces fuel consumption and increases vehicle load, improves vehicle owner’s benefit, is more environmentally friendly, has strong design, is easy to process and install, and reduces damage to the highway.

  Leaf spring is an important component of automobile suspension account for 5% -7% of the car’s own weight, the current traditional leaf spring project, widespread production process, equipment covers an area of large, high energy consumption, self-significant shortcomings, etc.Under the background of “double carbon” strategy and automobile lightweight, the traditional leaf spring has gradually been difficult to meet the development needs of the automotive industry. It has become inevitable for the development of multi-piece springs to single-piece springs and steel plates to upgrade to composite materials.




Post time: Sep-26-2022