Some parts of the car do not need to tangle is the original parts

2                 With the popularity of cars, more and more people have the ability to buy a private car of their own as a means of transport. Because there are more and more people with cars, the problems of cars are becoming more attention. After all, the car belongs to a machine, with a long time will naturally produce some component aging or failure problems, this time have to be sent to the garage or 4S shop for repair. But many people believe that the car must be replaced with the best parts, so the original nature of the most excellent. So the question is, do you have to replace the parts of the car with the original? In our car internal parts, in addition to the engine, gearbox, etc., need to use the original factory, the other simply do not need the original parts.

  Here’s why:
  First, these pieces do not involve security issues, and most of its role is invisible; Second, these pieces are not the original price difference is very large, buy the original parts of the price to buy several brand pieces; Third, these pieces are fragile consumables, sooner or later have to change; Fourth, there is no original factory. What exactly is an original piece? Original parts refer to the parts produced by the regular suppliers of the OEM, and their quality, appearance and performance are on par with the factory parts. Many car owners in the car for parts, like to change the original parts, they feel that the original part quality is the best. In fact, some auto parts are not necessary to change the original parts, and the quality of some original parts is not as good as the third-party parts provided by some big-name accessories manufacturers.

  The following parts do not need to replace the original parts

Car batteries are made by battery manufacturers, the so-called original parts are actually OEM products, and many so-called original batteries, in fact, not as big brand manufacturers battery protection.Therefore, when buying, do not struggle with the original battery, buy a large brand battery is enough.

  One of the most important parts, in fact, there is no need to change the original. There are two reasons:
  1) It is not a factory. The tire factory and the automobile factory itself are two different factories, and the tires of the automobile manufacturers are purchased from the tire manufacturers, and this kind of procurement is subtle.
As we all know, Japanese cars only use Japanese tires. So, instead of giving the choice to the manufacturer, it is better to give it to yourself. What tires do I want to use? Do you still use your rules?
Some car owners said: only buy expensive just rest assured. It doesn’t matter, you can go for Michelin ah, Michelins specialize in “money can not spend.”

  2. The original tire performance may not be good. Although the quality of the original tire will not be too bad, but we can not buy tires without accidents, like wear resistance, noise reduction, grip, these indicators can reflect the grade of the tire.
So when you change tires, as long as you choose the right brand and tire model according to your driving habits and economic conditions, and then go to a professional tire changing place to replace it.

  Leaf springs, bolts, bushings and other parts are used every day, so the speed of wear is also very fast, and quality is very important. But these are not necessary to use the original parts, many big brand manufacturers of leaf springs, the quality is still very high, and there are a lot of concessions and warranties, which is not the original part.
After a car has reached a certain life, it may show a part of the damage, and the car is like a person.

  In fact, the life of a system of the car has entered the middle age or even old age, then change a part of the original factory, it does not allow the performance of the whole body system to reach the initial state.
  Under the premise of not involving safety, taking into account the cost performance, it is not recommended to change the original parts.

Post time: Oct-06-2022